This 2004 Washington Post information graphic was produced for a multi-part series about President George W. Bush and his complex fundraising network. Data Editor Sarah Cohen created a rough relational sketch to shape the connections between various nodes and individuals. My job was to design and produce a graphic that was clear but also conveyed the complexity within.
To achieve visual order I created a 10 pica grid as the foundation for the various elements (detailed in the bottom image). The use of color was restricted to two hues of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ representing either a close or distant relationship with Bush. Shapes were also kept to a minimum to simplify classification and aid readability.
Perhaps the most challenging visual aspect of the graphic was positioning the labels in such a way as not to interfere or intersect any of the lines between connections. It was a grueling exercise in proximity and alignment.

A PDF version of the graphic is available here.
An underlying 10 pica grid was used to create visual order out of chaos.
Software: Freehand, Photoshop

© Copyright 2004 The Washington Post
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