After a brief period of dormancy, I decided to dust off the THIRTY81 Project by updating the content and putting it in a new dress. As passion project, the series focuses on the geometric idiosyncrasies of the ballparks of baseball — unlike other sports, the dimensions of baseball are unique from one park to the next.
The series builds on previous efforts, integrating several concepts into a three print series (one 24" x 36" and two 18" x 24"), each illustrating the same information in specific ways — sharing the same DNA but exhibiting unique personalities.
Designed specifically as a Limited Edition serigraph series, the posters utilize 'Nightshift Blue' French Paper Co. construction paper paired with a combination of silver metallic and red highlight inks. Textual content has been stripped to a minimum, yielding to a strong visual presence intended to push the design toward a convergence where information graphic meets poster art.
Print production was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2018. A limited number prints are available at the THIRTY81 Project store.
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