THIRTY81 is an ongoing design study focused on the ballparks of Major League Baseball, highlighting and celebrating the qualities that make each venue unique.

Unlike other professional sports, baseball is played upon fields that vary from park to park. With the exception of the infield diamond, where strict rules regulate the dimensions, no two ballparks are alike. From the geometry of the field to the distance of the outfield fences, the cathedrals of baseball exhibit their own unique characteristics, making each a singular gem among the fields of baseball.

The Ballpark Posters is the first effort created around the THIRTY81 core theme. The series consists of 31 minimally designed serigraphs — 30 individual 'Ballpark' posters represent the current Major League venues and one additional 'index' poster specially designed to illustrate the variety of field geometry by overlapping the outlines of all 30 ballparks around a common infield pattern.

The initial Kickstarter campaign to fund the project fell short of its ambitious goal. The project was remagined and simplified to a single 18" x 24" 'index' print and was successfully funded in October 2013 with nearly 250 backers.

Other projects from the ongoing series can be found at
24" x 18", 4-color CMYK lithograph print
This large infographic print compares all thirty major league ballparks and highlights some of the unique features of individual fields.
18" x 24", 4-color CMYK lithograph print
Celebrating 100 years of ballparks that are currently active at the time — Fenway Park (1912) to Marlins Park (2012) — each is represented using the primary color of the home team surrounding a common green field. 
Multiple dimensions, digital only.
18" x 24" 2-color serigraph print. Limited to 150 prints.

The 2014 travel routes of all 30 MLB teams mapped as one graphic. It was an experiment of sorts using printing techniques I'd never attempted. The typography and routes are printed with a sliver metallic ink while the underlying continental U.S. shape in printed using a clear aqueous coating. Three versions of the poster were printed on blue, red, and grey French construction paper.
The obligatory PANTONE swatch chip layout
Digital only.
Software: Illustrator

Printing: Multi color serigraphy and lithography

© Copyright Louis J. Spirito

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